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What Sets Us Apart - Part 1

So you're probably wondering... what sets YourLocalBizPro apart from other consultants or marketing groups?

The answer to that lies in a unique thought process. Tonight, I'll be sharing Part 1 of that 3-part thought process. Since we are a full-service small-business consulting company, we focus on improving a multitude of processes within small-businesses, in a multitude of areas - marketing, social media management, web development, financial management, business development and leadership development.

Regardless of area of focus, we recognize three core qualities that we must embody in order to best serve start-up companies and small business owners in whatever area they are trying to improve. Our favorite core quality? Cost-efficiency.

Let's talk about it. When a consultant truly understands and cares about the success of their clients, they not only will provide an effective service, they will provide a budget-friendly service, no matter the budget. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can work with the most bootstrappingest of bootstrappers or the flashiest, fluffiest of companies when it comes to budget.

What's frustrating about most consultants and marketing groups in general is that they try to take an expensive cookie-cutter approach to every single client. You'll notice that when this happens with marketing groups, all their clients' brands may have differentiation, but their strategies do not. Thus, all their clients end up looking the same in the end and losing their true identity.

At YourLocalBizPro, we aim to create a marketing strategy that makes sense for your budget, while also building your brand in a way that is unique to YOU and your business. What we don't do is try to sell you a generic package, idea or product just to hit our financial goals for the month, with no consideration for your budget or your end goal.

To sum up Part 1 - YourLocalBizPro cares about your finances, whether we're working with you on your finances or not.

*Originally posted on September 3rd, 2020*

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