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Small Business Spotlight - Lindsey Bowen // Lindsey Out Loud

This interview was conducted as a part of YourLocalBizPro’s Small Business Spotlight. Lindsey Bowen, the owner of Lindsey Out Loud, was gracious enough to participate and offer 50% off her logo designs for the week of 9/13/20 - 9/19/20!

Tell us a little more about who you are and what you do!

“I'm Lindsey of Lindsey Out Loud, LLC! I'm a blogger turned entrepreneur obsessed with creating and growing your personal brand in order to expand your online presence! I work with bloggers, influencers, network marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to give them the tools they need to succeed online. Some of the services I offer are web design, graphics design, 1:1 consulting, Media Kits, Instagram Audits, logo design and more!”

What inspired you to start Lindsey Out Loud?

“After I started blogging, I fell in love with the back end and logistics of all things web design, algorithms, strategies, collaborations, etc, and I started getting a ton of questions from people about how I got started, what tips I had, what tools I recommend, etc. The natural evolution of this was for me to package my expertise into services I could offer.”

What has been your biggest “success” with your personal branding business?

“I literally just launched this business about a month ago, and I've already had about 2 dozen clients! I'm seriously so blown away with the response I've gotten!”

Tell us about the podcast that you co-host and where we can listen to it!

“My podcast with my friend, Lexi Brannon, is called The Social Sisterhood and it's all about empowering other ambitious women to go after their dreams. We are 100% real with you all the time, and we keep it fun even though we're talking business! We had our first guest on last week's episode, and we're lining up some really great guests for future episodes! You can listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!”

What’s been your biggest learning experience/lesson learned with your business so far?

“I've already realized that streamlining needs to happen! So I created a booking system where people can schedule their calls with me online so there isn't so much back and forth trying to find a good time for both of us!”

Is there anyone from your childhood who encouraged your entrepreneurial spirit?

“My grandparents owned and operated a very successful local business for over 20 years, and they definitely inspired me!”

Who in your adult life encourages your entrepreneurial spirit?

“I have been inspired by so many people in the last year that gave me the courage to start my business: Jenna Kutcher, Jessica Stansberry, Heather Bee, Marie Ann Altuve, and my podcast partner, Lexi Brannon.”

Tell us your business mission and why it’s important to you personally.

“I want to help other women be successful on their own terms so that they can work from wherever they want and make a good living for their family. This is important for me because I am a mom to three young children, and I love that I have the freedom as an online business owner to always be there for my kids whenever and wherever. I know many other women desire this and feel stuck in their 9-5 jobs, or they stay home and are struggling financially because they aren't working outside the home. I want to help them get to a place they never thought was possible.”

If you’d like to contact Lindsey or Lindsey Out Loud, she can be emailed at More information can be found at or you can find her on Instagram and Facebook @lindsey.out.loud!

*Originally posted on September 15th, 2020*

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