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Small Business Spotlight - Dr. Jordan Floyd | Limitless Therapy & Wellness

This interview was conducted as a part of YourLocalBizPro’s Small Business Spotlight. Dr. Jordan Floyd, the owner of Limitless Therapy & Wellness, was gracious enough to participate and offer 15% off your first session when you mention this interview or social media post!

Tell us a little about your background in physical therapy and what inspired you to pursue physical therapy as your career.

“I began my undergraduate career at the University of Georgia knowing that I wanted to work in "Sports Medicine," but I thought that meant I had to become an orthopedic surgeon. I decided to major in Athletic Training, which would allow me to be a part of the Sports Medicine Team while learning more about how to care for people recovering from injuries. I had numerous opportunities to shadow and observe orthopedic surgeons during this chapter of my life, and I quickly realized that I had no interest in pursuing that career. Rather than simply spending a few minutes with a patient every few months, I relished the opportunity I had through the Athletic Training Department to walk alongside someone throughout their recovery journey. I really enjoyed the chance to build trust and strong relationships by partnering with a patient through their ups and downs, their best days and their worst days. Thus, I wanted to further my training on injury recovery and rehabilitation, so I decided to go to physical therapy school. I graduated from Belmont University with my Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in 2014. I then completed my orthopedic residency in Greenville at Proaxis Therapy in 2015 and practiced in an outpatient clinic in the Upstate for 3 years. I decided to branch out and start my own practice in May of 2019!”

What sets you apart from other physical therapists?

“The most important skill that I have developed is the ability to listen, which is sadly all too rare in medicine nowadays. Rather than trying to force someone into a box based on a 5 minute conversation, I take the time to ask important questions and weigh all of the variables that may be contributing to a patient's situation. I also have the gift of bringing clarity to confusing, complicated, and frustrating circumstances. So many of the patients I work with come in with a conflicting list of opinions and diagnoses that they have received from numerous other providers, and I love the opportunity to be able to give them a confident answer to the root cause of their symptoms or struggles and to give them hope for recovery and returning to the life they love.”

What makes your business model unique?

“My business model is extremely unique within my profession. Here are just a few ways that we stand out:

  • We are a mobile practice, which means we can come to see our patients at their homes, offices, gyms, etc. to make the delivery of care convenient and consistent!

  • We are a concierge practice, which means we work for our patients, not for the big hospital systems or insurance companies. No one gets a say in how we care for our patient except the patient themselves!

  • All of our sessions are one-on-one for an hour. Most other outpatient practices double book appointments or schedule patients every 15-30 minutes. We think having our undivided attention for an hour makes our treatment sessions extremely productive and valuable to our clients.

  • We emphasize whole-body wellness, which means giving you a plan for when you no longer need "physical therapy" for how to stay out of the cycle of doctor's appointments, medications, imaging studies, etc., and then following up with you to make sure you're continuing to move and feel your best.”

What do you enjoy most about owning your own business?

“I absolutely love owning my business. I love being my own boss and being able to set my own schedule. I love being able to treat patients on their terms and not being hampered by restrictions and red tape that comes with working in a larger insurance-based practice. I love being able to take my kids to school and be present at home more often. Finally, I love being able to be a source of blessing to my employees as we continue to grow and give them a way to provide for their families and have a larger impact on the Upstate community.”

What is your business mission and why is it important to you personally?

“Our mission is to help 100,000 people in the Upstate avoid unnecessary medications, injections, and surgeries that can all have life-altering consequences. We don't just work to help our patients feel and move better, but we serve as advocates for their best interest at every level of healthcare. I have personally seen far too many people suffer the lasting effects or prolonged medication use or abuse that started from a simple ache or pain that was never properly managed, and I'm proud to stand on the front lines of the battle against opioid overprescription and abuse. I've also seen so many people who felt like surgery or injections were their only option and were left with regrets of not exploring non-invasive options first because of the permanent limitations they now face due to these ill-informed choices. Thus, we want to do everything in our power to help residents of the Upstate move and feel their best while choosing the safest and most effective treatment options for the aches and pains they face on a daily basis.”

If you’d like to contact Dr. Floyd or Limitless Therapy & Wellness, they can be reached at 864-251-5410. More information can be found at or on Facebook and Instagram at and

*Originally posted on February 1st, 2021*

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