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Small Business Spotlight - Debbie & Steven Goss // Kaffeine Coffee Shop and Roastery

This interview was conducted as a part of YourLocalBizPro’s Small Business Spotlight - Week 4. Debbie and Steven Goss, the owners of Kaffeine Coffee Shop and Roastery, were gracious enough to participate and offer 10% off all orders from 9/6/20 - 9/12/20.

What inspired you to open Kaffeine Coffee Shop and Roastery?

“We were inspired by family and friends, who have always loved our personally roasted coffee!”

Is there anyone in your adult life who encourages your entrepreneurial spirit?

“Honestly, we [Debbie and Steven] kind of just feed off of each other. Our daughters, Kaitlyn and Kirsten, are very encouraging though!”

What has been your biggest “success” as a small business owner?

“Our biggest success to date was actually making it to Kaffeine's first anniversary, in spite of Covid-19!”

Tell us your business mission and why it’s important to you personally.

“We love family and friends and get-togethers, so it's always been our mission to create an atmosphere [at Kaffeine] of 'coffee with friends/family.' It's important to us that our customers feel welcomed and like a part of our family!”

If you’d like to contact Debbie & Steven or Kaffeine Coffee Shop, they can be reached at 864-305-9131 or visited in person at 110A East Curtis St., Simpsonville, SC 29681. More information can be found on their facebook page,

*Originally posted on September 8th, 2020*

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