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Small Business Spotlight - Cameron & Hunter // Clean Whip Mobile Detailing

This interview was conducted as a part of YourLocalBizPro’s Small Business Spotlight. Cameron Ledford and Hunter Morgan, the owners of Clean Whip Mobile Detailing, were gracious enough to participate and offer 25% off your next detailing service from now until 12/31/20 (limit 2 uses per customer) when you mention this post!

What sets you apart from other mobile auto detailing businesses?

"When it comes to detailing, we strive to achieve the highest quality of perfection. What really sets us apart is our unparalleled pride to serve our clients. We don’t believe we are in the detailing business; we are in the people business. We know the value of relationships, and in our business, our word means everything or your money back."

What made you decide to start this kind of business?

"Honestly, we just fell in love with detailing. We’re entrepreneurs; so what else do you do but chase it? Hunter had experience in detailing and we saw an opportunity to enter a market that had huge potential with minimal investment."

Who in your adult life inspires and encourages your entrepreneurial spirit?

Cameron: "Grant Cardone, Michael Jordan and My Father. My father showed me at a young age what a man was capable of. He continues to inspire me to this day, especially at his age, doing what he’s doing, just amazing. Also MJ and Uncle G. I believe heavily in self improvement. MJ’s story of not making the freshman team fires me up. Grant Cardone has a similar story. These guys are ruthless. They were underdogs at the start, but ultimately changed their sectors forever."

Hunter: "Tom Brady, Grant Cardone and Michael Jordan. They have all achieved greatness in their fields and are known for being the best at what they do. That is what it’s about - perfecting your craft until it’s great... day by day."

What's the most difficult car "mess" to clean?

"There really isn’t one that stands out. It’s more of an obsessive level of detail that’s required when removing pet hair or neglected stains. We want every stain and hair to come out, even in the hard to reach places. Hair can be woven in the carpet so much you would think it grew apart."

What's your favorite activity in the Greenville area when you're not working?

Cameron: "Just being downtown; the atmosphere, energy, and people are amazing."

Hunter: "I enjoy going out with my wife, cigar lounges, having a beer with the boys, and my wife and I enjoy taking our two German Shepherds to the mountains."

If you’d like to contact Cameron, Hunter or Clean Whip Mobile Detailing, they can be reached at 864-605-1774. More information can be found at or on Facebook at

*Originally posted on November 2nd, 2020*

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