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Small Business Spotlight - Bridget Morris // The Health Dare

This interview was conducted as a part of YourLocalBizPro’s Small Business Spotlight. Bridget Morris, the owner of The Health Dare, the best weight loss program out there, was gracious enough to participate and offer their promo for the Health Dare BOGO for anyone who mentions this post for weight loss in Greenville!

Tell us the story behind the name "The Health Dare."

As we age, weight loss becomes more difficult. This is a result of many things including increased stress levels, a slowing metabolism, and a loss of muscle due to inactivity. It doesn’t help that we are subjected to heavily photoshopped and physically unattainable bodies on every media platform. The Health Dare was created to offer a realistic solution to a series of symptoms including: obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and IBS. We “dare” our clients to give our science-backed method a chance to reverse their symptoms and lose the weight for good!

What inspired you to start a health consulting business?

I founded The Health Dare because...I needed it! I was 215 lbs, a single mom, and I desperately need to change my health. I knew if I did not get healthy, then I could not take care of my children. After yo-yo dieting, my results didn’t stick. I enrolled in health coaching school, studied over 400 diets, and developed The Health Dare program. I coached myself through the program and saw phenomenal results. I lost 80 lbs of fat in 90 days! I wanted others to experience the success I had found, so I began personally coaching a handful of clients and watched them transform! Since that time, we have added the opinions and development of doctors, physical therapists, licensed psychologists, dieticians, nutritionists and more. I can’t believe how much this company has grown over the last 5 years, and I am very grateful for my health coaching team, consulting physicians, and certified counselors who assist me in helping clients achieve unimaginable health and wellness goals. I’ve yet to find another program on the market that offers the accountability, variety of services, education, reputation, and customer service that clients can expect at The Health Dare. We have truly become the world’s most comprehensive health coaching and accountability team.

When you start working with a new client, what is your main goal in your time with them?

Many people who work in health and wellness have never been overweight or unhealthy! We have, so our goal is to simplify all of the knowledge and make it practical for the busy, working professional. Our motto is “if it’s not sustainable, it’s not attainable.” Our clients are shocked how easy it is to do this program. Our long-term goal is making clients their own health coach! We hold their hand through our 90-day cellular health program, and give them a wealth of information enabling them to maintain these results for a lifetime. We value our time with each client and specialize in tailored programs that address their personal health concerns and develop attainable goals. We hope that by the end our program clients feel empowered to continue this journey on their own and maintain the results they achieved!

What do you think the secret to healthy living is?

At The Health Dare, we believe the secret to healthy living is practicality. Sure, anyone can lose weight if they cut calories, drink green juice, or exercise three times a day, but these things are not sustainable. We recognize that fad diets are just that - a fad! The Health Dare principles are simple but effective. We remind our clients often that consistency is more important than intensity. Our clients begin implementing realistic, healthy habits into their daily routine and discover true health that only gets better with time. This program can fit into any schedule and any fitness level for true, sustainable results.

Who in your adult life encourages your entrepreneurial spirit?

At the age of 33, I went through a very difficult and sudden divorce, and my life was turned upside down. I was left alone with two small babies, and an empty bank account with no child support. It was at that moment that I truly learned the concept of finding your strength in your weakness. I believe that God took me down the path of pain to help me understand the pain of others. I have helped thousands of people change their physical bodies, but also helped them navigate emotional pain and suffering as they transform on all levels. I am currently completing my Doctorate in counseling, because my passion is to help people heal from the inside out. I am thankful for all the difficult times in my life, because I have learned that your influence only goes as far as your pain is deep. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my pain with others, and bring hope to their lives.

What is your business mission and why is it important to you personally?

The Health Dare philosophy is “Backed by science, Coached with love!” Our mission is to help individuals change the direction of their health on a cellular level. Our business thrives on Vitamin “L” which represents the love we have for each client and our commitment to transforming their lives in just 90 days. The Health Dare is a ministry disguised as a business, and our passion is coaching people from the inside out. I know lasting change must be made not only in health, but in the heart.

If you’d like to contact Bridget or The Health Dare, they can be reached at 877-432-7363. More information can be found at, and be sure to check out The Health Dare Reviews!

*Originally posted on October 11th, 2020*

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