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Small Business Spotlight - Amber Parola | Lashaholic

This interview was conducted as a part of YourLocalBizPro’s Small Business Spotlight. Amber Parola, the owner of Lashaholic, was gracious enough to participate and offer 15% off any service when you mention this interview or social media post!

What inspired you to open Lash-a-holic?

I’ve always wanted to open my own lash business. I thought it would be years down the road, but it was just my time. I felt like I reached my potential at my previous job lashing and I was ready to learn more and push myself to do better as well. I wanted to use certain products, set my prices, and use different techniques because of things I've learned from my 3 years of lashing. I’m constantly learning more and want to keep making myself and my business better at my own rate.

Why do you love the beauty industry, specifically lashes?

I always have loved it; to me, it’s art. My favorite canvas is the face. I started in bridal makeup and it was never about hiding or perfecting anything, but showing the art of illusions. That's all lashes are as well, an illusion. I don’t just do lashes, but I look at the shape of your eyes, to make them appear longer or wider. I look at your eyelids space to make it bigger or accentuated. I look at your natural lashes to see what they can handle to make them fuller. Just call me a magician!

What's the most difficult challenge you've faced as a small business owner?

Honestly, my mentality. I feel like it's not talked about very much. There are a lot of highs and a lot of lows when it comes to owning a small business, I think as any business owner. You try to not let one wrong thing seem like it's the end of the world, but also try not to let one small good thing seem like it's all uphill from there. Hearing my clients after doing their lashes tell me they look great makes me feel great, but reading reviews that they leave, puts the cherry on top and keeps me going.

Who in your adult life encourages your entrepreneurial spirit?

Definitely my dad. He opened his own business, not in the same field AT ALL, but there were so many computers in town and somehow all the people were going to him. It was his expertise, reliability, and authenticity. To me that's the goal, the money just comes with it. When clients come to me, over all the great competitors, either from my work or a referral it keeps the hustle worth it all!

What is your business mission and why is it important to you personally?

To show wo(men) that confidence doesn’t only have to come from the beauty filter. I know for me personally when I have makeup on, even just some tinted moisturizer my confidence goes up a couple notches. I don't always have time to put on makeup, but I still want that confidence. I got that from lash extensions. To make women feel that too without lifting a finger is the greatest. I don’t see it in the same category as nails or hair extensions, but in its own category because it's not only a confidence booster, but a time saver too when it comes to getting out the door!

What do you pride yourself on most when it comes to your business?

Achieving my clients' goals and expectations. You have to listen, learn, and examine to reach the clients goals, not your goals. Consultation is key in this part and it might be from the client telling me exactly what they want lashes wise or something to do with their everyday life. Sometimes I know we might not be able to reach some goals, but by explaining the expectations and our steps to get there makes the difference. Also teaching clients what I know about illusions. A client will tell me they want a cat eye shape to open their eye when in reality it will close the eye so it's really just listening and explaining.

If you’d like to contact Amber or Lashaholic, they can be reached at 724-518-3318 or More information can be found at or on Facebook and Instagram at and

*Originally posted on January 26th, 2021*

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